CHRISTINA B  says...

"Sara, it has been with great rewards our relationship. More than certain you will continue to flourish amidst this economy. Strive for greatness. "

HENRY AUTO says...

LORENZO T says...

"Sara! Thanks for explaining and helping us find loans available to our economic relief. We were so lost and referred to you."

"Thanks SS Consulting! You are authentic and brought real numbers in real time! Super thankful!"

- Samantha M.

"So happy we meet you by chance! Thanks Sara you are personable and know just what we needed to get started." 

Common Qs and As:

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A DBA (Doing business AS) is a county register of that name. However, I'm about expansion. It will only hinder your own growth if you don't incorporate. 

does an llc protect me?

Not only does it let you take advantage of partnership benefits, but it also protects you from bankruptcy or lawsuits- similar to a corporation. 

Do I need a deposit?

There is a 30% deposit required prior to services rendered.

What is a dba?