Stuck in a gridlock of jargon, paperwork, and the regulations of starting a business?

Starting a new business can be daunting – Sole proprietor or incorporation? Trademarks, tax and contract documentation, legal, management, and strategic planning. It could take weeks to amass a suitable team of experts to manage this process. Or, you could find the affordable solutions you need in one place.

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"You answered all our calls and emails. This was a scary time, and a lot of misinformation is out there due to the pandemic. 

Thanks Sara.


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"I help my clients navigate the process of starting a business. Using tailored packages, I create solutions that ensure successful compliance. No more mixed messages or overpriced services from companies that fail to prioritize your needs. I always answer the phone."

 Sara Sandoval/ Founder

Sara Sandoval has been helping entrepreneurs and SMEs wade through the murky waters of business formation for over 15 years. With a background in retail management and entrepreneurial upstarts, she is no stranger to hard work.

CHRISTINA B  says...

"Sara, it has been with great rewards our relationship. More than certain you will continue to flourish amidst this economy. Strive for greatness. "

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LORENZO T says...

"Sara! Thanks for explaining and helping us find loans available to our economic relief. We were so lost and referred to you."

"Thanks SS Consulting! You are authentic and brought real numbers in real time! Super thankful!"

"Anything you can imagine, you can create."

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