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Business Formations

LLC, S-CORP, 501(c)(3)

We'll handle all details with processing documents and filing appropriate fees  . 


When we manage things, you don't have to. Our strategic planning, and organizational strategies keep your business moving along smoothly.

How we can help


Seller's Permit filings
We have all the necessary tools & resources to meet any deadline thrown our way. 



Legal preparation documents, divorce, eviction, and lawsuit responses are handled swiftly and appropriately. 

Creating an EDD account for your business needs, Transmittal of time sensitive filings for state & federal. 
We'll do the footwork for you to ensure that your payroll runs smoothly for you and your employees. 

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"You are a gem. We liked your gracious style. You are supreme urgency to get things done ✅."

Thanks Sara.

When you work with SS Consulting, you'll have the peace of mind that we're doing everything to keep you on track and running smoothly


i'm sara s,
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I am here to assist & support you with all your small business goals!!

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We'll do the footwork for you so YOU don't have to!

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